There was a wasp in my slipper this morning. When I slipped my groggy and cold foot into the warm comfort of the sheepskin lining, I felt the electrical zing of its sting. This is how Wednesday, October 15th began, with a shock. Like unexpected bookends, the day would end with a shock as well.

Cafe was busy as usual and filled with grateful diners. Storytime made it’s debut with a gaggle of sporadically focused toddlers milling around tiny chairs as a patient volunteer read book after book amid the din of dishes, conversation, and music that is the weekly soundtrack of the Lost Cafe.

I had a low-energy but invigorating run – my first in our new “neighborhood”. I panted through downtown and out North Fork Road which meanders alongside fairly dry riverbed and then slipped my tax return into the mailbox just before it was too late.

We made our daily pilgrimage to the Briarpatch to save abundant vegetables from rotting in the garden. Such an amazing thing to inherit an established and thriving garden. The steady flow of piles of peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, squash, and greens means frequent late night canning for me. Jars of salsa, sweet peppers and tomatoes are multiplying and enlivening our otherwise drab kitchen coffers.

Despite piles of work to be done, everything stopped for the final presidential debate. Obama was steady, authentic, and sharp as usual. Did anyone else hear Mccain say Palin is a “breast of fresh air” during tonight’s debate? And then, somewhere amidst the banter about educational reform and Roe v Wade, there was this:

Yes, following in the footsteps of Sarah Palin, I am expanding the brood beyond a sustainable level.. my symmetrical and manageable little family of four (including grown ups) is expanding to FIVE.


I handed the omniscient, news-bearing stick without explanation or forewarning to my dear husband as commentators recounted the candidates remarks. He smiled broadly while changing our youngest’s soaked diaper.